My first Vietnam event held at Dawson Family Farm Hurt, VA. 1998

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Unit Photo's and Schedule of events
Our unit formed in late 1999 and is mainly based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the east coast. We have members in
Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. We attend Vietnam battle reenactments and living history displays
all over the eastern seaboard. We as a unit primarily attend the Nam' 68 event held at the Newville, Pennsylvania site
and also the U.S. 199th Light Infantry Brigade hosted events at the Louisa, Virginia site.

At this time the unit has no dues! New recruits are expected to purchase their own uniforms, gear, and weapon. The
unit does have a small amount of "loaner gear" for interested individuals not quite ready to commit financially or who
have not completed their impression!

The first reason for reenacting the Communist side is for numbers sake, often at most Vietnam battle reenactments
the NVA / VC side is heavily outnumbered, our members relish the challenge of being on the smaller opposition force!
The second reason is by accurately portraying the Communist side, which was a determined, well equipped, and
extremely motivated army, it fully shows the hardships and tenacity that the American soldier faced while serving in
south Vietnam. It is too the average American G.I.'s credit that he was able to militarily defeat the NVA and VC in
major battle engagement during the war.
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We are a group of serious military living historians who portray the Communist side during the Vietnam War
(1961-1975).  We are
NOT Communists, Marxist, anti-American, or support/condone that ideology. Men and women
are both welcome for recruitment, and it is not necessary to be Vietnamese for membership.
A few members of the unit at the Nam' 68 event held at Newville, PA 2006
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Locating or finding information on unit histories of Communist and North Vietnamese Army units is difficult at best. One
of the best ways to find where a particular regiment was located during the war can be found with U.S. or American unit
histories, memoirs, and intelligence reports. The 4th PAVN Regiment was one of two regular NVA regiments along with
a rocket battalion sent into Hue City during the Tet Offensive in late January of 1968. The 4th would take up positions
near Tay Loc Airfield and the Citadel in the center of the city and await the inevitable ARVN and American
counterattack. As history already knows "Bloody Hue" would eventually be recaptured by U.S. forces with the 4th
Regiment withdrawing with massive casualties. The regiment withdrew back over the DMZ to reform and refit in the
north to fight another day.
The 271st Vietcong Regiment (a Main Force Regiment) would find itself fighting in and around Saigon during the Tet
Offensive. One battalion of the 271st was located in ambush along a stretch of highway leading from Hoc Mon to the
north of Saigon in anticipation of this route being used as an ARVN and American reinforcement line. The second
battalion joined along with the local Vietcong 'Go Mon' Battalion and would attack the South Vietnamese Joint General
Staff Compound. The battalion was successful in penetrating the compound but failed to capitalize on their on their
success. As was the fate of virtually every Vietcong unit that participated during the Tet Offensive, the 271st virtually
ceased to exist as a effective fighting unit. It would reform in name or number only but augmented with regular troops
sent from the north.                   
NVA Army regular authenticity
Welcome to the 'Reenacted'
4th NVA Regiment
(People's Army of Vietnam)
& the
271st Vietcong Regiment
(People's Liberation Armed Forces)
Our official unit yahoo group for communication, feel free to join!

Moore Militaria, they make high quality NVA uniforms and sell
other field gear. Check out their VC/NVA items section.
Moore Militaria

Sampan Import Company, they sell the famous black pajama's,
Ho Chi Minh sandals, and other various items we use.
Sampan Import Company

U.S. 199th Light Infantry Brigade: our main adversary and hosts at the Louisa Virginia battle events. Located
primarily in North Carolina & Virginia and surrounding area.  
199th Light Infantry Brigade

U.S. 1st Division, 4th Cavalry: a U.S. unit located primarily in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, & New Jersey.
1st U.S. Division, 4th Cavalry  

514th Local Force Battalion: a Vietcong Sapper/Demolition platoon located primarily in North Carolina & area.
514th Local Force Battalion

Washington Post Article, this was a piece written about members of our unit and Vietnam reenacting in Virginia!
Washington Post Article